Roblox, other than being a gaming platform, is a game creation platform also. Here you can create a game for yourself and other users. You can also play a game that that other users have created. The games are easier to create. You need not learn any complex codes to create a game on Roblox. Roblox has a lot of custom content on the platform. There is content for every age group on the platform, including drama, actions, and whatnot. You will get a lot of free games to play on Roblox, but there are some games for which you need to spend Robux. But, keep in mind that not every game is worth spending Robux or getting Roblox paid access. In case you are looking for some great Roblox games, this article can help you. Here is a list of all the Roblox games that cost Robux and are worth the Robux. Keep reading the article to know more.

Roblox paid access

Roblox Games that Cost Robux

Welcome to BloxBurg

paid access Roblox: Welcome to Bloxburg

This is one of the most popular games that you will come across on this platform. It is one of the most played games on this platform. To play this game, you will have to spend 25 Robux.

This game is similar to other RPG’s available on this platform. In this game, you will be able to fulfil certain objectives like building a home, playing a particular role in society, or hanging out with friends. This Roblox game will cost you Robux but is worth playing. It is an interesting game and will keep you busy with new objectives to fulfil. In this game, there are approximately four billion visitors and also, 100,000 players playing the game.

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One of the most famous Roblox games that cost Robux is Northwind. Gamers find Northwind worth every Robux you spend on this game. Regular prices of this Roblox game reaches up to 400 Robux. However, the prices may vary as per the customization and other choices of the gamer in Northwind. As mentioned and stated in reviews of Northwind, the best feature is the Survival aspects of the game. The main focus of the game lies in Quebec. The plot of the game moves under the impression of the colonization of Quebec and the following survival tasks for the player. There are various tools and objects to support you in your survival and guide you throughout the game. Gamers can also access the world map on the game; however, it can take a lot of time and work.


roblox games that cost Robux: Roses

Roses is the best for the gamers looking for a cheap Roblox game that costs you Robux, as it costs you only 25 Robux for Roses. The plot and theme of this game revolve around the 1940s and the asylum in it. It can get dark and creepy at the beginning of playing this game. The game proceeds and the gamer need to find the character Max who is the gamer’s friend. You need to find your friend who didn’t return once he entered the asylum. Since it is a story-based game, the full game is not released yet. Only three initial chapters of the Rosses is available for the gamers to play.


Early access to Alone is available for the gamers looking for Roblox games that cost Robux. It lies in the same price range as Roses. It costs around 25 Robux to the gamers and hence can be counted amongst reasonable Roblox games. The game currently is not releasing any updates, yet the gamers love the old school alone. The game lies in an interactive interface where you need to fight with the game’s in-game monsters and other gamers. It is based in RPG post an apocalypse. You can update and change your tools and equipment during the game. You can also collect loot and find exciting stuff for your character.

Cafe Rush (New) 

As the name sounds, the Cafe rush is a simple and interesting game. You can choose Cafe rush if you’re looking for a Roblox game that costs you Robux as it has the most engaging user interface. The game is based on the character and their two friends who can run a cafe. The avatars of other friends, however, can be changed according to your will. The cafe is located on a farm from where you need to find fruits and other essentials to make new and exciting dishes for your cafe. The ultimate challenge for the gamers is establishing the best cafe in town and having the time of life with your friends.  

Game Dev Life

what does paid access mean on Roblox: Game Dev LIfe

For the gamers looking for a good Roblox game that cost Robux, Game Dev life can be a good option. Gamers can buy this game in only 50 Robux. The game is available in the Alpha version and constantly changing for the betterment of the game. The game releases updates from time to time. Gamers widely use the Game Dev Life over the globe. It allows the gamers to create and design their own office in the game. Also, the gamers can drive cars, design different games and perform many activities inside the game. You can also exhibit the rare collection you own and sell them at higher prices if you want. It is the best platform to show off your rare collection of exciting stuff.

Water Park World

Water park world is available in its Beta version for the users searching for Roblox games that costs you Robux. It is an inexpensive investment of 25 Robux to play the Beta version of Water park world. As the name provides an idea, the game is about creating and managing your very own amusement park. You are responsible for activities such as construction, designing special and exclusive slides for your park. You can also add specifics in your water park with the appropriate and the best-chosen theme. In addition, you can also join friends and make a special theme water park as a team.

The Arcane Dungeons

best Roblox games that cost Robux: The Arcane Dungeons

The Arcane Dungeons is an exciting game with a touch of magic and mystery moulded in a single game. It is another game you can prefer to keep in the pile of Roblox games that cost Robux. The beginning price of the Arcane dungeons for Gamers is 125 Robux. It can be a good investment option for your precious Robux. Currently, the game is running in its pre Alpha version and is famous among thousands of gamers. The game runs its course depending on your choices and selection of team members. The game allows you to play along with friends or friends of your choice. The Arcane dungeons are the appropriate selection for gamers who love some adventure with a pinch of magic in it. So grab it for just 125 Robux.

Survival: Beginnings

Survival beginnings are the latest version of beginnings in its paid format. The earlier version of this game was free and famous amongst the gamers. Although the current version requires paid access, it is worth every single Robux you spend on it. The game is based in an open world full of excitement and adventures. The players can build different kinds of castles and buildings inside the game. Players can also form tribes and perform adventures as a team. The gamers also find it fascinating to use the special and customized Music ID codes inside Survival: Beginnings. Users are provided with rules and instructions available for the players to make the game more interesting.

Tree Lands

Tree lands Is a game based on A childhood idea of building and designing a special tree home for your backyard. In this game, the players can easily make their three homes in the land in their backyards and other area using various kinds of supplies and equipment. Users can get this game for only 25 Robux, making Treelands a suitable option if you’re looking for Roblox games that cost you Robux. The game is presently available in its Beta version. The whole operation of building the best treehouse can be done by the gamers using Silver our of selling various fruits. Searching, collecting, and selling these fruits is the main task at hand of the gamers.

Blox Tube

games that cost robux: Bloxtube

Blox tube Game is not released for all the users were free, but if you are excited, I want to access it earlier than the other users like you need to pay a minimal price of 25 Robux at a time. You can play it before everybody plays it. The basic plot of this game is that the character is a Bloxtuber by profession. He creates and make exciting videos of different genres and gain subscribers for them. However, the ultimate goal is to be at the top of the charts and gain fame as a Bloxtuber. The game also provides you with various tasks to gather capital and buy, build and maintain a house for yourself. Also, upgrading technology is available for various hardware and software.

Rogue Lineage

Rouge Lineage is one of the most expensive Roblox games that cost you Robux. Its price can go up to 350 Robux for the latest version. However, once to spend this amount, you will never regret it. The gameplay and interactive user interface make it worth every Robux you pay for it. This game is an exciting combination of puzzles and Combat, which can be fascinating for gamers. The mystery and adventures embedded in the game wisely make it tough to understand yet provide excitement and concentration in every aspect. You will require a lot of time to get the hang of this game, but it can be very engaging once you do. So if you love mysteries and adventures combined wisely in the form of puzzles and Combat, Rogue Lineage is the best available option.

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To Conclude

So, these were some of the paid access Roblox games that you can play. They are worth the Robux that you will spend. Also, if we like another game that you can play with Roblox paid access, we will update the post.

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