Players of Roblox are well aware of Tower Battles. Most gamers will agree that it is an incredible experience. How can you get useful Tower Battles codes? Stay with us till the end to learn the complete guide.


Planet3arth developed the game Tower Battles. The game is all about stopping the Zombies who want to walk into the tower. Gamers who have already tried this game appreciated the user-friendly interface. Tower Battles is free to download, so it has gained much popularity among the freebies. Within a particular period of time, developers updated the game and also released some new codes.

Few Popular Roblox Tower Battles Codes

tower battles codes

To get codes for the Roblox Tower Battles, there are various codes available on the internet. However, most of the codes do not properly work. Therefore we have shared the codes that we agave used personally and worked for us. The codes get updated after some time, hence some of them might get expired.

The codes of Roblox Tower Battles are:

Free Tweeter Tower with the code- UPDATEINAMINUTE2020

Free 250 credits when you redeem this code- MONIESSSSSS

Codes that are no longer valid- UPDATEINAMINUTE2019

Ways of Getting Tower Battles Codes

Do you want codes to improve your gaming experience in Roblox Tower Battles?

Most often the new and updated Tower Battles battlefront codes are available on the official website of the software.

The developer of the game constantly trying to make the game user-friendly and easy to use. Also after every enhancement of the tools or features. Therefore, it is best to check the official website of the Tower Battles Discord server. If there are some useful codes available then bookmark that page and then save it to some convenient location.

Brief Description of Tower Battles 

tower battles sample photo

It is a defense game where the players need to protect or defence themselves from the zombies’ waves. The whole team of zombies tries to attack you, you can play defensively by raising up the customized tower. However, you can also play it offensively by sending the zombies.

The games and the experience of it definitely depend on the way you play the game. To get updated codes and any other details it is recommended to regularly check the official website to get updated announcements.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Roblox Tower Battles Codes

Q- How can one redeem the Tower Battles Code?

A– Sometimes, users could figure out ways to get the codes for Tower Battles. If you have the same confusion then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the game and open it.
  2. After that look for the left panel of the display, click on it.
  3. Enter any valid or working code in the box and then hit the ENTER key. Make sure, that you can correctly type down the code as it is.
  4. Check if you have successfully redeemed the codes.

Q- Where to find Tower Battles Codes?

A– You might have checked several websites to get the codes but most of them might do not work for you. One way to get some valid codes is discussed below:

  1. Go to the official website of Tower Battles Discord server.
  2. The developers often update the website with new updates, announcements, and content.
  3. Bookmark this site for future convenience. 

Get Free Fightman Simulator Codes for Roblox Platform

roblox Fightman Simulator Codes- Tower Battles codes

Power Studio developed Fightman Simulator for Roblox. As the name of the game suggested, it is a fighting game. Players can train their boxing skills. They can also get gloves to increase the power. To improve your game, you also need suitable Fightman Simulator codes.

Interestingly, Fightman Simulator is free to use and also very easy to get the energy, training boosts, and free power. Gamers also get bonuses much faster. You can get many new codes from the official website. Bookmark this site too for future convenience, press the keys CTRL + D on the keyboard. Check the website for daily updates.

The Codes for Fightman Simulator

  • Get a free 30-minute Power and Energy boost when you hit- 2500 likes
  • Grab a code for 30 minutes’ worth of Double Power, Double Energy, and Double Training Speed- 500 likes
  • Get access to Double Power, Double Energy, and Double Training Speed for 30 minutes- spooky

Steps to Get the Fightman Simulator Codes

Below are the steps to redeem the useful codes of Fightman Simulator Codes:

  1. First of all, launch the Fightman Simulator.
  2. Go to the left panel of the display and then hit on the Shop button.
  3. From the menu, search for the option  Twitter Codes box.
  4. Type any codes and then hit the Use button.

After getting the codes, the codes will automatically boost the account. Ensure to copy and paste the codes properly.

Brief Description of Fightman Simulator 

Welcome to Fightman Simulator!

  • Become powerful by training!
  • Finish the race with gloves on!
  • New Pets can be obtained by hatching eggs!
  • Take first place on the leaderboards!
  • Energy Boost from Rebirth!
  • Unlock new portals!

Get Free Roblox Zo codes

Roblox Zo codes

Codes that are available:

42 – 42 Souls

ZOZO – 15 Souls



Ways to Redeem Roblox Zo Codes

  1. Go to Zo and then open it.
  2. Locate the Codes from the shop.
  3. To access the window, press E.
  4. Enter code and then hit on OK.

Get Free Tower Blitz codes

Tower Blitz codes- tower battles codes

Codes that are available:

  • businessfixes – 300 Tokens
  • dreamfromfortnite – Tech Blade Skin (must own the tower but download on the same device)

Ways to Redeem Tower Blitz codes

  1. Go to the Tower Blitz and open the software.
  2. From the left side of the display, hit on the Twitter button.
  3. Type the working code in the tab.
  4. Click on the Use button.
  5. Redeem the codes or rewards.

Take Away!

We are hopeful that the guide to redeem Roblox Redeem Codes was helpful and informative. However, your game majorly depends on how you play it, but these codes will definitely help you to improve your gaming style.

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