Sharkbite is an adventurous game for the Roblox lover, was launched on the ROBLOX platform on October 4th, 2017 by Abracadabra Studio. This game is all about defeat and win. And the winner gets “Shark teeth” as a reward which is in-game Sharkbite Codes. 

Once the game begins, you’re given a choice between becoming a bloodthirsty shark chasing the prey or a sailor racing to the death to escape the underwater monsters. If you choose to be a survivor, you have to get armor and a boat and set the sail into the great blue sea. Or either you choose to be a shark, your goal is almost the polar opposite to the survivor: devour boats, eat survivors, and achieve ‘Shark Teeth,’ the in-game money.

Either you choose to be a shark or a survivor, in both cases, you will get Sharkbite codes if you succeed. In this article, we try to explain the game Sharkbite and the shark bite codes that you will receive in this game as a winner. So let’s start with understanding the Sharkbite code within the game first and then hop to the codes available currently.

What are Sharkbite Codes and When You Get It?   

What is Sharkbite Codes

At the beginning of the game, players who choose to be survivors will be transferred to their boats and a message starts displaying on the screen stating “THE SHARK HAS BEEN RELEASED”. After the message, players will see the shark entering the dark water. As you’ll be able to identify which shark you’ll face and plan the best strategies to attack them, you can develop your approach and tricks for the game ahead.

A survivor’s only two thoughts as they prepare to dive is to hold onto weapons and boats. Sharks are only susceptible to being damaged by weapons, so that would be your priority. As of right now, the game features 13 weapons, every weapon has its individual design, ammo ability, and individual functionality. A range of weapons are available to you, but the weakest is the ‘Rifle’, which is the default starting weapon, while the most powerful is the ‘Shark Blaster’ and the ‘Minigun’. In spite of having an unlimited quantity of clips, players still need to reload when they are out of ammo.

The best way to stay living in the game is to use boats rather than weapons as your main offensive option. These watercraft are modeled after real-life ships. As part of the introductory welcome package, new players will receive four boats: the Fishing Boat, the Sailboat, the Ducky Boat, and the Patrol Boat.

There are a lot of stats on each of these boats, so you will have a good range of options to choose from at first, but once you begin earning Shark Teeth, you should upgrade as soon as possible. Within Sharkbite, players can choose from 37 several boats, the cheapest of which is the Yacht, up to the most precious one, the Titanic – a replica of history’s most popular craft.

It will be easy to play as a shark in this game. The shark models and types available for purchase with Shark Teeth are numerous, but the Great White shark is the starter shark. In this game, the player controls the shark’s movement using the mouse pointer, since the shark moves naturally forward. The shark employs several tools to discover descendants; from ‘Particle Vision’ – which displays the movement of votes by blue squares and survivors by red dots – to race boots, eating, and higher.

Playing games is more like watching the film Jaws for players. While in-game music plays, anxious music will start playing whenever a shark approaches. Whenever a player is killed by the shark, a blue square starts resembling on the screen to notify the survivors that they have lost a friend. While playing this game, as a survivor you have to defeat the shark, or being a shark you are required to kill all the survivors. A title states either “THE SHARK HAS BEEN KILLED” or “THE SHARK HAS KILLED EVERYONE”. The game reached its end.

In Sharkbite, the main currency is Shark Teeth, which is also important to understand. Buying new sharks, boats, additional amour, or better weapons in the game you need to gain Sharkbite codes. The way to get them is through a variety of methods, but to get an even bigger boost in-game, it would be smart to use the incredible Sharkbite promo codes currently available. For your convenience, we’ve compiled the most extensive catalog of popular Sharkbite promo codes obtainable in the game. 

Sharkbite Codes From Roblox Sharkbite Game

Currently Active Sharkbite Codes

Here it is! These are the Shark bite codes currently available in the Roblox Shark bite game. There’s a warning, these codes are not available forever so you have to make it quick and grab these as soon as possible. 

Active Sharkbite CodesExpired Sharkbite Codes


The expired codes are those that are not available currently and removed by the developer as they are not in use right now.  Expired Sharkbite Codes

Methods To Obtain Sharkbite Codes

Coupons can be redeemed in Sharkbite in no time at all! There’s a giant white input box on the lower-left corner of the system. Open the game and look for it. You can easily find it if you look at the mute button, near the Twitter logo. All you have to do is enter one of the wonderful codes above in the large white entry field. These codes are updated frequently, so be sure to check back.

If you want things to go right, make sure the letters are capitalized or not when you are entering the code. Codes can contain letters, numbers, punctuation, and even symbols, and these are case-sensitive. Check again if you have any problems entering the code and make sure each code is put in the correct order. Now you can use your in-game Shark Teeth once you hit the enter key again!

Usage Of Sharkbite Codes In the Game

Through every promo code in Sharkbite, players can win Shark Teeth, in-game money for the game Sharkbite. By taking advantage of these bonuses, players will have a better chance of surviving round after round. The cheapest way to purchase Shark Teeth is using promo codes, so you should use them wisely. You can take advantage of discount codes in this way:

1: A number of different methods are available throughout the game to obtain Shark Teeth. 20 Shark Teeth are awarded for winning rounds as either a shark or a survivor and you can be claimed 50 shark bites in the Bonus Round of Chest Chase by claiming a chest, as well as being rewarded by 5 shark teeth if you defeat a player as a shark and destroying it. Making shark teeth is possible when you get chosen as a shark, so be sure to utilize those rare opportunities!

2: However, if you desire the most convenient method to obtain Shark Teeth rapidly, you can also buy them for real money by using Robux, Robux’s virtual currency, obtainable only by acquiring it for real money. It’s very obvious to wonder would anyone spend real money for just a game?

But it’s really important for the players. Shark Teeth are vital to moving forward in Sharkbite and are worth real-world money. As part of the Shark Teeth scheme, you can purchase weapons, boats, shark models, and armor with it. You can implement some strategies to gain Shark Teeth quickly by upgrading these skills and end up making or breaking your progress in the game.

3: It’s possible to grind Shark Teeth in various different ways. Finding a small server or establishing a VIP server is an option you could use with an alt-account or friend. The current balance of your account can also be used to purchase a boat that helps the survivor to shoot the shark at hit point, so more damage can be dealt before dying and obtain a lot of Shark Teeth as you do so. Last but not least, to the chest first in a chest-chase round using a submarine or stealth ship. Any strategy attempting to accumulate wealth fast must include 50 Shark Teeth, which is like a promo code. 

Type of Sharks You Encountered in Roblox Sharkbite 

However, you will find it rare to get selected as a Shark in the game but trust me, this will be the best part of the entire game. Many players will admit that playing as a Shark is more fun and you will get more Sharkbite. When you play the game for a while, you realize that there’s a lot more to it than just swimming and performing tricks as a Great White Shark. In the game, players can choose from several shark types.

Here are the highlights about how to get all the sharks in-game, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to get them:

1: Great White

Great White Shark

When you get selected as a Shark within the game, a Default shark will be given to you as The Great White. As a starter, this is a great choice: it is nearly impossible to catch at night since its dark color is the same as a SWAT boat or Stealth boat. It’s possible to effectively disarm your opponents if you select the Great White, as they’ll assume you’re an inexperienced player regardless of how competent you are. Great Whites, however, are the weakest sharks in the Sharkbite. This is mainly because it is easily visible and has a large hitbox during the day, which makes it easy for the survivors to kill.

Nevertheless, there are three different alternatives of Great White Shark within Sharkbite. All three of them are a bit different with different quality and Avatar.

A: The Ghost Shark 

The Ghost Shark

The Great White Shark in this variant is transparent. As a result, it eliminates one of the biggest weaknesses of the default shark while having identical properties as the Great White. When it is daytime, it is virtually invisible. At night, however, it is extremely visible. Unfortunately, you will only be able to use Ghost Shark in the month of October as the developer provides it as a Halloween special. You just have to spend 200 Shark-teeth to avail this variant of Great White Shark.

B: Rudolph Shark

Rudolph Sharks,

Rudolph Sharks, meanwhile, are another holiday variant of the default shark. They are only available during the Christmas Celebration by getting 20 ‘presents’. There aren’t any real advantages to putting a festive twist on your dish, so you don’t need Shark Teeth.

C: RGB Shark

The third variant of the Great White variant is the RGB Shark. If the Mosasaurus is the priciest predator in Sharkbite, the RGB Shark is not far behind it. This variant of Great White is added momentarily within the 2020 Christmas Update and is hard to gain. Shark Teeth aren’t necessary to snag this holiday shark. The antlers and the bright red nose of the RGB Shark are illuminated with moving colors. You must collect 999 presents to claim it, which is way more than what you spent on the Rudolph Shark. Possibly the most difficult of the Great White to catch, this shark is one of the best.

2: Hammerhead


Due to its low cost, fast speed, and intimidating Avatar, the Hammerhead is often the most popular shark in games like this. The Hammerhead is covered in an orange or grey coating and can grow to a length of 20 feet. Despite its size compared to the Great White, it is the third fastest creature in the game. This creates a smaller hitbox, but the increase in health makes obtaining kills more difficult. The Hammerheads, however, have a number of flaws that prevent them from winning games. As a stepping stone to stronger sharks, this shark is an excellent all-around shark. 600 Shark Teeth are needed to equip it.

3: Skeleshark


As part of the Halloween 2020 update, the Skeleshark was added. It lies somewhere between a Great White and a Megladon in the shark hierarchy. In addition to being smaller and less healthy than Megalodon, it moves more slowly. However, it excels in nearly all aspects over the Great White Shark. Nonetheless, it is unlikely you’ll stick with it long enough to be able to defeat the game’s strangest sharks. This is the third costliest weapon when equipped, costing 800 Shark Teeth.

4: Shortfin Mako

The Shortfin Mako, released in 2020, is another new shark with a relatively even size and range. While it’s a fairly expensive shark to equip – 1500 shark teeth – it has a more prominent hitbox than a Great White and is one of the most difficult sharks to defeat. It may be best to look elsewhere if you have a hard time hitting the Great White hitbox.

5: Megalodon


Among the most famous sharks in Sharkbite is the Megalodon. Besides being 2nd largest, 4th fastest, and 2nd most healthy, it is the favorite of the inhabitants. It also has a frightening Avatar. In spite of this, your chances of hitting it are high due to its large size, which is somewhat offset by its high health capacity. Picking up this beast has its drawbacks, as well as being extremely slow.

6: Mosasaurus


The Mosasaurus is in the hierarchy of sharks but is not actually a shark. You can say it is a marine reptile. But, if you put the technicality aside, you will find the Mosasaurus is amid the most dominant predators in Sharkbite. A Shark Teeth costs 2500 to equip, making it the most powerful and most expensive shark in the game. Mosasaurus is too expensive, and its large hitbox makes it impossible for beginners to afford. The Mosasaurus should be your goal once you have the experience and skill to manage the hitbox. It is unquestionably the most beneficial shark in the game.

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That’s it! The article ends here. Hopefully, you like the information we provide in this post. We tried our best to collect every possible information related to Roblox Sharkbite Game and the Sharkbite Codes. Our hard work will be successful if the data provided within the post helped you out to understand the game. 

If you are already a pro player of Sharkbite, they must use the codes we provided within the article. But be careful while using it and always double-check the availability of it as the codes are frequently updated by the developer. 

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